“By using the data in the “Eating Free Food” plan, we know that 100 acres of trees and crops could replace the breakfast and lunch programs for 1000 school children – EVERY YEAR.

Now, I don’t expect anyone in government to think of actual long-term solutions to these social problems, so, let’s say we split up these 100 acres between 3500 households. Each household would plant 4 fruit and/or nut trees on their property. When the harvest ripens, they would donate their harvest to a local non-profit that supplies schools with the harvest. Together, we could have our 100 acres and we could feed 1000 children daily, all from just you and I planting four trees on our property.

Imagine 60,000 or 120,000 families participating – Hunger could be wiped out in a few short years.

Polio is nearly eradicated, why not hunger?

According to the US Census of 2010, there are approximately 97,461,500 single family homes in the US. The total acreage of home sites in America is approximately 29,092,985 acres.

Assuming that everyone in America planted trees on a 1/4 of their property, this would amount to 7,273,246 acres of planted lands.

If everyone who owned a home site in America, on all of the 97,461,500 lots, planted fruit and nut trees, over 145 million people could be fed each and every year by 2030.

And, that doesn’t even include the lands under management by the U.S. Federal Government. The land mass of the United States is a bit over 3.5 million square miles. With 640 acres per square mile, this amounts to over 2 billion acres of land. The Bureau of Land Management administers America’s public lands, totaling approximately 253 million acres. The United States Forest Service administers the nation’s 155 national forests and 20 national grasslands, which encompass 193 million acres. Together these two government agencies steward close to 450 million acres in the United States of America. Both of their mission statements are very similar and both propose that they are committed to providing these lands for the good of all Americans, present and future.

Approximately forty-five percent of all forestland in the United States, or 354 million acres, is under non-industrial private ownership.

Between government and private ownership there is over 804 million acres that could be used to plant fruit and nut trees to feed America. If 7 million acres of fruit and nut trees could feed 140 million people, just think of what our government could do with 804 million acres.

And, that does not include any public lands held by states, municipalities, school districts or other governmental body.

Planting fruit and nut trees on these lands could eliminate hunger and famine by 2030, but it will also cure many other ills of our society.”

From the book, “Eating Free Food” by Mark F. Kalita

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