Community Food Market and Share Events

If you structure your “Eating Free Food” plan correctly, you could also have an abundance that you would be able to share with some of your neighbors.
The ‘Neighborhood Market’ is 10 – 15 neighbors on a street or within a community “Eating Free Food” together by sharing in the harvest. You can maximize your food production, and get a greater variety of healthy, natural food by using your harvest for trade.
The “Eating Free Food” Tree and Crop percentages can also be used for the barter of food. The greater our food rating percentage, the greater the value of the serving. A serving (3.5oz or 100g) of Almond is worth more than a serving of Sweet Potato. For every two servings of Almond, you get three servings of Sweet Potato.

(from the book “Eating Free Food”)

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