Eating Free Food

Eating Free Food
Eating Free Food

Publication Date: Mar 23 2013
ISBN/EAN13: 1482586592 / 9781482586596
Page Count: 74
Related Categories: Gardening / Garden Design

Learn to save $6000, or more, on your food bill every year! Create your own home grown Food Security program for your family, neighborhood and community. Learn to protect you and your family from: Food Shortages, GMO & GE Untested food, Obesity, Diabetes, and other diseases, as well as Terrorist Food Threats. This is a simple, time tested plan for everyone – Eating Free Food.

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A portion of the proceeds from the sales of “Eating Free Food” will be used to create the “Eating Free Food Model Community”, Angel Land Food Forest, as a guide to end hunger worldwide by the year 2030. This tract of land will be planted according to the principles in “Eating Free Food” with tiny houses as homes to hundreds of people living minimally and “Eating Free Food”!

If not for you, do it for future generations of our ONE family that they might start “Eating Free Food” one day soon.

Begin “Eating Free Food” today!