Medjool Date Palm in Florida backyard growing nicely after a few years

This Medjool Date Palm was grown from a seed. After only about 5 years old it barely looks like it has grown much. But, these trees are monsters and will probably be over 20 feet tall.

When I planted it, I found a study which stated the Florida climate was too humid for producing dates. Yet, the closer I looked into the study, I realized that all of the trees that they used were transplanted from California. These trees have already outlived their productive life.

The other side of the story was that these trees are transplanted. If anyone knows anything about Date Palms they would understand the importance of the tree’s Tap Root! You take the Tap Root out of the equation and the tree is severely injured.

From seed, the Medjool Date Palm in the picture will have a wonderful Tap Root that will seek water many feet underground. When it finds this wonderful source of water, I believe it will produce fantastic fruit.

Right now it’s a 10 year waiting game.

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